Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon is the energy of Summertime - filled with glorious light, energetic abundance and creativity. The outwards expression of all that has been growing and manifesting. This can be a magical time of seeing dreams come to manifestation, being magnetic for all that has been asked of the Universe - if it is in true alignment. 

In present western culture, this energy is the most coveted of the phases as it is a highly masculine energy. While feminine energy is an inward energy of reflection, receptivity, intuition and being; masculine energy moves outwards, and takes action - the doing. At this time in the menstrual cycle (closest to ovulation), it is easy to want to do ALL the things! So the herbs chosen for this tisane are supportive to the body during this high-octane energy time when it can be easy to over do it.

Cacao and Rosehips bring a feminine energy of sensuality that is tuned into the discernment of the heart. Damiana and Passionflower were chosen to work together to simultaneously support the heightened sexual, creative energy, while helping to calm and soothe any frazzled nerves that might arise. I particularly love how this blend even looks like sunshine, given its golden glow from Turmeric and Calendula. Cinnamon adds its own sunshine warmth to the mix.

The Flower Essence that leapt out for inclusion in this phase was Mexican Sunflower. While lusting after her all summer in the gardens, it should have been no surprise that this would be the embodiment of summertime Full Moon energy. Endlessly covered in monarch butterflies, this beauty spoke of life in the spotlight, and relishing in being truly witnessed by others.

Perhaps the funniest moment during the creation of these Kits came while attempting to work with Mexican Sunflower’s Essence. I had been working with Passionflower for three days or so during my own Waxing Moon phase of my cycle, and being the overly enthusiastic student I am, I decided to hurry things up and say “Ok, what’s next?!”

A few drops of the Essence on my tongue and I settled into stillness ready for her Full Moon messages. Silence. Nothing. Not a peep! I was boggled - how could she have nothing to say?! She was so willing and ready in the garden to be part of this project! Then a thought  hit me… So I got quiet again and silently asked “Are you not talking to me because it’s not my Full Moon time yet…?” A resounding “DUH!” came through and I burst out laughing. A perfect example of following the rhythm and wisdom of the cycles!

Once I had truly moved into my Full Moon / ovulatory phase, I sat with her once again and could barely keep up with the deluge of love and words she had to share:

“Be LIGHT - the light. Shining forth to illuminate others because you have chose to let yourself glow. See how you magnetize all you need towards you, like the butterfly to the flower, all is drawn towards you in your full radiance and softness.
No thorns needed here - just like my velvet stems are a reminder to stay in your softness, there is no need to keep out all that you are intentionally drawing towards you, and no need to force that which wants you in the way you want it.
The gifts of the Universe want to be received by you. Stand tall & proud - filled with light, being light, reflecting light. Be Bold. Be Seen. Be Truth.”
~ * ~

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