Waxing Moon

This phase is the Springtime energy of the growing moon, linking up to the time just after bleeding in the menstrual cycle.

In creating the tisane blend for this phase, I chose herbs that would be replenishing to the body during the preovulatory phase, nutritive, and reminiscent of that refreshing first deep breath felt in the body as springtime breaks through from the darkness of winter. Nettle, Red Clover and Oatstraw were chosen for their nutrient density and affinity towards womb wellness. Tulsi for her adaptogenic support. Shatavari Root for reawakening sexual, outward, creative energy. Peppermint and Anise Hyssop are the prominent flavor notes, as a reminder of the sweetness for life after the winter-like quiet of the Dark Moon.

The Flower Essence that asked to be connected to the Waxing Moon was Passionflower.  Here is what she had to say:

“Feel the life stirring inside the blood, bones and womb once again, now that winter has passed and the Wheel turns to spring. Here with me you gently reawaken, and begin to acknowledge the wanting, the craving for life & light that is beginning to build inside you once again.
My appearance can be alarming to some, an unexpected and not-of-this-Earth form - let this be a signature for you of the time you are in: you have come back into this world, but are not yet quite fully of it again.
What ideas, hopes, dreams showed themselves to you in the darkness of winter, that may seem out-of-this-world, but create a sense of peace and right-ness in your body? Begin to set your gaze upon the image of your dreams - the bullseye-like center of my Flower just might help you focus in - draw your awareness to these desires with a softness, knowing that all timing is good timing.”
~ * ~

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