Waning Moon Phase

Here in the Waning Moon, energy begins to recede once again, as the feeling of Autumn draws us back into ourselves. As the premenstrual phase, the knowledge that has been gained while “out in the world” can begin to integrate. The Wild One inside can truly be set free, as there is no tolerance for untruths or misalignment.

With the Waning Moon, the reality of the magical power that lies within is drawn into focus. I visualize this as a powerful pulling-in of the aura - whereas the energetic field was “out” and feeling around the surrounding world in the previous two phases, now it begins to zero in and draw all its energy back into the body - specifically towards the womb-space. With the focus being drawn towards the second chakra, this can be a highly emotional time, so I aimed for the tisane and Essence to be connected to that. 

The Waning Moon tisane is based on drawing warmth into the body with flavors reminiscent of chai, and nourishing the reproductive space. In this blend I chose to include Rooibos for its primary depth of flavor to hold the space for the other herbal allies. Cardamon, Star Anise and Rosemary bring their spice, warmth and blood movement. Raspberry leaf and Vitex berry were chosen to help tonify and support the uterus in preparation for the Dark Moon time ahead. Ginger and Licorice aid in circulation, warmth and sweetness. 

The Waning Moon Essence is unique in that it is a tree instead of a flower essence. Willow Tree was a ready and willing ally, and there was a good deal of magic around how I came to partner with her. Sitting with Willow proved to be a powerfully emotional experience, and it was crystal clear that she would fit right in as a highly supportive energy during the Waning Moon phase:

“Whisper in the wind - the emotions that feel ungrounded and uncertain. Speak them out even as they twist, perhaps gnarled and indirect, so they can flow out, flow down, back to Mother Earth for her to compost and do with as she will. In me you will find shelter, when those waves of emotion are bent on confusion and overwhelm.
Tuck in among the embrace of my canopy, this safe space where all is welcome, but needs no name, no explanation or definition of what it is that is arising. This tendency towards squashing emotional flow of what feels like it is unwelcome - this denial of truth - it builds stagnancy, cutting you off from the larger flow of life that wants to move with and through you.
Instead let the breeze, the wind, the hurricane of your emotional landscape blow through, knowing how steady your roots extend out to keep you upright. How in your choice to be flexible in these moments, there lies the secret to bend but not break when these deep felt experiences of being human course through your heartspace.
Turn to me to find the grace and steadiness to let these feelings run their course, just as the wind & waters are allowed to run unimpeded and without judgement, knowing the flow of life is close at hand.”
~ * ~