The Cycle Support Kits

teas & flower essences for the four phases of your menstrual cycle

1 Month Cycle Support Kit

Begin your journey of working with your inner phases and seasons. Tea & Flower Essences for approximately one full menstrual or lunar cycle šŸŒ™

3 Month Cycle Support Kit

Deepen your connection to your inner phases through a three-month practice. Tea & Flower Essences for approximately three full menstrual or lunar cycles šŸŒ™

Quarterly Subscription

Spend a year in deep ceremony with your inner phases. Receive a three-month Kit every quarter for one year. FREE shipping + bonus gifts with each delivery. šŸŒ™

I cannot even begin to express the mindset shift that thinking in phases has caused. I always felt like on good days I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, or wondering how long it would last. Now I can think of the energy that Iā€™m feeling as a phase and am accepting that a different phase with different energy simply means different, but not bad ā€” and may mean a change in the way that I engage in self-care. The tea and essences are awesome, the mindset is life changing!

Aaron, Midlothian VA