Where it all began ???

With a year like 2020 has been, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve come from, and especially where I’m headed—even though things feel so full of unknowns for all of us.

But I found something in my cupboard recently that made me want to reach out to you & connect. (And no, it’s not the pack of microwaveable Ramen I bought at the beginning of quarantine…I don’t even like Ramen ? #panicbuying)

This little jar. ?? This is where it all began!

The jar that I used to store my VERY first version of the Dark Moon tea blend. Including the hand-cut, paper-label-stuck-to-top-of-jar with parts formula and all. ?

The tea that taught me Ritual.

Taught me to ask the plants for help.

And taught me how to take care of my Cycle.

While the Dark Moon tea has evolved since this first blend (and now has 3 more sisters in the Cycle Support Kits!), finding this jar was a reminder of the magic that made these Kits birth into being, a reminder of where I’ve come from.

These Kits are my babies, this project is so close to my heart, and yet sometimes I struggle with how to share them with you.

In simplest terms, the Kits are meant to deepen your connection to your monthly Cycle by instilling Ritual into every phase.

Bringing intention to not just that one “obvious” phase—your Dark Moon, or bleed time—but all 4 phases, creates a partnership. Between you & your body.

And if you’re anything like me, finally allowing that partnership has been long overdue.

This is where I’d love to hear from you, so drop a note below and let me know—what is one thing you can do, today, to invite in a sense of partnership between you & your body?

Is it allowing yourself a quiet moment alone? ?

Perhaps choosing movement that feels playful instead of punishing? ?‍♀️

Or maybe it’s a cuppa tea and a book ? That’s what today looks like for me in the midst of my own Dark Moon phase.

Whatever it is, I hope you gift it to yourself. Knowing that you’re worthy of ease, and joy. Knowing that each step on this weird and wonky path is always so guided. (Even when it seems all outta whack and there’s Ramen hiding in your cupboard that will never get eaten. ?)

Big Love to you Moonbeam ?

all ways always



P.S. Nope, I still don’t know how to spell “Lady’s/ Ladies’ Mantle” ?

P.P.S.? Wanna learn more about your own inner phases? Grab the f r e e download here to get started on your journey ?

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