Got a period?

Then my guess is you've probably got some stories to tell (heartbreaking, hilarious, and everything in between), as well as your own relationship to "that time of the month” don’t you?

at Garden of the Moon we’re here for women like you, who want to balance their hormones and feel at peace with their period through sacred ritual and organic herbal teas for your whole cycle

Oh hey, hi, hello there, and welcome to Garden of the Moon!

Here we’re all about tapping into the magic of your monthly menstrual cycle — even after years (maybe a lifetime?) of feeling at war with your body.

At Garden of the Moon we understand one thing very clearly. And it’s that you want to find peace with your period, halt the hormonal pre-bleed moodiness, and you want to do it in a way that guides you toward a deeper understanding, connection and celebration of your body's wisdom.

And more than that? You want to know the magic of feeling more connected with your body and more connected with Mama Earth.

Cup of herbal tea | Garden of the Moon

Founded in 2019 by Em Dewey, Garden of the Moon started as her final project for a nine-month herbal apprenticeship journey and now serves women all around the world with herbal teas and sacred ritual.

The practice of Cycle Tracking has been key to Em’s journey, and is the first place we recommend women starting on the road to reconnect with their cyclical bodies from an empowered place. It’s through this practice we can begin to learn more about our bodies and Inner Seasons.

Everything you will find here at Garden of the Moon is all driven by our mission and commitment to help rewrite the limiting beliefs that so many women and girls hold about the female body. Through the ritual and physical nourishment of herbal teas and education, we are committed to guiding the way for each of us to recognize the superpowers within each phase of our monthly cycles and the seasonal arc of our lives.

It is how we help you to tap into the magical of your cyclical body, feel at peace with your period, and harmonize with the rhythms of your body and connect deeply with Mama Earth.

meet Em ~ founder of Garden of the Moon, CHHC & herbalist

About Em, Garden of the Moon

“My personal history with my period might not be very different from yours — where those few days every month used to be a downright miserable experience.

As I got more into understanding my own body and my health, I wanted to embrace a more natural approach to wellness. So after a decade-plus on hormonal contraceptives, I dropped the pills and got curious about what alternative options were out there to help me heal my underlying hormone imbalances.

The more I researched and learned, the more I found myself in conversation with others about their periods and the lack of education we'd been given at an early age about the complete story of our cycles. It became so obvious to me how disempowering this was, and I began to see a link between the disconnect from our cycles, the negative narratives we'd been taught about them, and the painful relationships so many have around how they feel about their bodies.

My hope is to help encourage a gentle but profound way of tapping into the magic of your monthly cycle through both the physical and energetic experiences of your Inner Seasons, creating a radically more positive relationship to your body.

Big Love, all ways always

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what women are saying about the Inner Seasons Tea Set...

This month’s moon cycle was beautiful because of the Inner Seasons Tea Set! I had zero PMS symptoms (no cramping, no tenderness, no mood swings—nothing). It arrived with ease and peace. Because of these teas, it gave me hope to be able to truly create change with my work schedule and my moon cycle and recognize that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and challenging. I’m excited to share this with many friends and to keep sipping on these delicious teas!

Kyla S.

I have a heavy cycle and recently started taking a medication to slow things down. I didn’t feel good about this med & knew it was just hiding the symptoms and not supporting my body.

After the first month of drinking the teas consistently, I no longer need my other med. I’ve started to feel so much better, have less cramping and bloating and no longer a super heavy flow. I am SO grateful for these teas!

Patricia B.

I am loving the tea set… Aside from tasting deeelicious, I feel like I’m just more aware of my phases. I feel as though thinking about my cycle as a month-long process (rather than one week) is so much healthier, realistic, and truthful... I cannot even begin to express the mindset shift that thinking in phases has caused.

The teas are awesome. The mindset is life-changing! Thank you for sharing this!

Aaron T.

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