Hurray! You've taken the leap to helping supporting your female fertility cycle with Garden of the Moon's "Inner Seasons Tea Set." This page will provide you with the information to better understand the purpose of the tea set, what it contains, and how to work with it. I am so grateful to be part of the journey of connecting with your cycles through the teas.

What is the Inner Seasons Tea Set?

The Inner Seasons Tea Set is a bundle of herbal teas crafted to support each of the four phases of your fertility cycle. Through the ritual of tea and the practice of cycle syncing, the experience of connecting with (and honoring) your four unique hormonal phases becomes a sacred process of rewriting your relationship to your cycle. As you support your phases physiologically with the herbs and energetically with the sweet ritual of brewing a cuppa', the truth emerges: each of your inner season holds immense power and wisdom.

🌱 Inner Spring tea = Follicular phase

☀️ Inner Summer tea = Ovulatory phase

🍂 Inner Autumn tea = Luteal phase

❄️ Inner Winter tea = Menstrual (bleeding) phase

How can the Inner Seasons Tea Set help me?

As women, many of us have been taught any number of disempowering messages about what it means to be a human navigating life with cycling hormones and a monthly period.

Whether that be direct messages from family, friends, or doctors ( "Ah well, everyone in your family has painful periods, that's just how it is."); or the media (cue period product commercials of women rollerskating in white shorts supposedly while bleeding); or overall cultural values (looking at you patriarchal-24/7-expectations-of-productivity) - there's no shortage of stories about why we should be ashamed or hide our cycles, or just how much it sucks to menstruate.

But what if all of it was simply that - a story

And what if, instead, you could write a new tale? A new narrative that speaks to how these monthly cycles make you superhuman, powerful, and potent beyond anything you knew was previously possible.

THAT is what the Inner Seasons Tea Sets are all about.

Plus a few fun added potential benefits like…

Easing period pain

Deeply nourishing your body with herbal allies

Teaching you how to work with your body instead of against it

Sound like something you're ready for? Then let's begin.

How do I use the Inner Seasons Tea Set to help my periods?

If you aren't sure where you are in your fertility cycle, start with the Inner Spring tea blend the day after your next period ends. (This is the springtime of your cycle - a beautiful place to begin a new adventure with curiosity and openness to new ideas!)

After a week-ish, shift to the Inner Summer tea. About a week before your next bleed, work with the Inner Autumn, finally ending with the Inner Winter once your bleed arrives.

This is a general timing guide, listening and learning your body's timing as it shifts between phases of your fertility cycle is the whole point - so practice tuning in to your body & follow your intuition!

Why use the term "fertility cycle"?

Regardless of whether you are interested in birthing a child, your fertility is a biomarker and a potent sign of health & well-being. In fact, the menstrual cycle is now being considered "the fifth vital sign" (as made popular by Lisa Hendricks-Jack's book "The Fifth Vital Sign: Master your Cycles and Optimize your Fertility"). This cyclical experience is so much more than just the bleed time of a period. Understanding the complete fertility cycle, as just that - a cycle, enables you to connect more deeply with your body, and support it throughout its fluctuating inner seasons.


The practice of Cycle Tracking is the perfect starting point to learn the language of your body and the wisdom of your Inner Seasons. Drop your info below to get access to the FREE Cycle Tracking Kickstart Guide 👇

Tea Ingredients

🌱 Inner Spring tea: Peppermint, Red clover, Anise hyssop, Nettle leaf, Oatstraw, Tulsi, Shatavari root

(Flavor is refreshingly minty, aromatic and sweet)

☀️ Inner Summer tea: Lemongrass, Rose hips, Cinnamon chips, Calendula, Damiana, Passionflower, Cacao, Turmeric

(Flavor is bright & pungent, a sip of sunshine!)

🍂 Inner Autumn tea: Rooibos, Cardamom seed, Cinnamon chips, Star anise, Raspberry leaf, Ginger, Lemongrass, Licorice root, Rosemary, Vitex berry

(Flavor is reminiscent of warm chai spices)

❄️ Inner Winter tea: Lady's mantle, Cinnamon chips, Clove, Orange peel, Cramp bark, Hibiscus, Rose petals, Mugwort, Eleuthero root

(Flavor is fruit-forward, sensual & tangy)

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

♥️  Brew a cup of tea!

If you already know which phase you are in for your cycle - dive in with the corresponding tea blend! Otherwise, sit tight until after your next bleed and begin with the Inner Spring tea.

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♥️ Deepen your cyclical journey

If you're looking for more support around the practice of cycle tracking and working with your Inner Seasons, here are a few resources for you:

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This 20+ page PDF contains a guided experience to learn the language of your body’s inner seasons, cycles, & phases through the simple (yet deeply profound) practice of Cycle Tracking. 📖 GET THE GUIDEBOOK

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