Herbal teas and self-care products inspired by the cyclical wisdom of mama Moon

hand-made & crafted with organic herbs to support you no matter what phase of life you may be navigating

Introducing... The Sacred Cycles Oracle Deck!

A 50-card oracle deck with guidebook designed to help deepen your relationship with your body’s wisdom, the Moon’s phases, and the rhythms of Earth’s Sacred Cycles.

I truly cannot express how excited I am to be part of the birth process to bring this oracle deck to life. What started as a curious invitation in 2020 has lead us here.

As co-author of this deck with Jill Pyle, co-founder of Goddess Provisions, it is truly my honor to be part of this reminder...

All your cycles, phases, and seasons are sacred.

Big Love to you, all ways always

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I had no idea that honoring [my cycle] during the entire month with the teas and flower essences would make a difference, but it really did! I just felt so supported and began looking forward to the changing energy levels and moods as opposed to resisting them. I have been recommending this to all my friends with a cycle who want to embrace more self-care, healing and ritual in their lives. Love it!

Marissa B. Portsmouth, NH