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A great place to start your lunar aligned journey. Tea & Flower Essences for approximately one full cycle 🌙

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Deepen your lunar aligned journey with a full-sized kit. Tea & Flower Essences for approximately three full cycles 🌙

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Hey luna lover 🌙

If you've ever thought that your period was some sort of weird cosmic joke, and just wished you could ditch it all together...

You're certainly not alone.

It’s a total drag living in a loop dreading “that time of the month,” isn’t it? Just powering through your period even though all you wanna do is take a damn nap. 😴

Honestly, I’m over it. And I'm guessing you are too. 

But what if we did things differently?

What if instead of trudging through each month, begrudging those few days when “Aunt Flow” comes to visit, and running in terror from yourself when the PMS version of you makes an appearance 🙈

  • What if you had the rituals & tools that taught you how to work with each phase of your cycle so you could quit hating yourself on the hard days, and thrive all month long?
  • What if you could rewrite the script on what it was like to live in a cyclical body?
  • What if you could learn the ways of living in sync with your own inner seasons, and finally found some relief every month?

Well, that's exactly what life is like when you choose to support your cycles & live in Lunar Alignment.

Get immediate access to your Me & The Moon: Cycle Tracking Journal to begin learning how to track your cycle in order to access more ease and joy, no matter where you are in your monthly cycle.

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What others are saying about the Cycle Support Kits:

"The Cycle Support kit truly helped me fall in love with my cycle; every phase of it!
I had no idea that honoring it during the entire month with the teas and flower essences would make a difference, but it really did! I just felt so supported and began looking forward to the changing energy levels and moods as opposed to resisting them. Plus, I felt more connected to the energies of the moon which was so exciting!
The teas are incredibly delicious and feel really nourishing. I couldn't stop "mmm"-ing drinking my first cup of the Dark Moon tea and it helped my cramps immensely. The flower essences made me feel so magical; putting a few drops in my water every day was such a beautiful ritual.
I have been recommending this to all my friends with a cycle who want to embrace more self-care, healing and ritual in their lives. Love it!!" - Marissa B. Portsmouth, NH

“Beside from tasting deeeelicious, I already feel like I’m just more aware of my phases. I feel as though thinking about my cycle as a month-long process (rather than one week) is so much more healthier, realistic, and truthful.

And I cannot even begin to express the mindset shift that thinking in phases has caused. I always felt like on good days I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, or wondering how long it would last.

Now I can think of the energy that I’m feeling as a phase and am accepting that a different phase with different energy simply means different, but not bad — and may mean a change in the way that I engage in self-care. The tea and essences are awesome, the mindset is life changing!” ~ Aaron, Midlothian VA

🌛 Lunar Aligned living begins by...

Sample Kit

  • tuning into ALL the phases of your cycle (hint: it’s more than just those days you bleed)
  • learning from the rhythms of the Moon and the seasons
  • beginning to befriend instead of begrudge your body and your biology
  • using your monthly cycles to make your own magic
  • and ultimately finding ease and alignment in your everyday life through learning to love your own lunar rhythms

Yup. I’m suggesting it’s possible to actually love your cycles. 😱

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