Wheel of the Year Musings: Beltane 2024

Sweet Beltane 2024 weekend blessings to you! 🌷

In honor of this luscious Cross-Quarter Day, I’d love to share some musings around this point in the Wheel of the Year. In this longer-form share, you’ll find:

🌶️ my “hot take” on the actual day of Beltane 2024 (ie… it’s not May 1st as most calendars list it as “May Day”)

🃏 your oracle card message for Beltane {plus how to get a FREE Sacred Cycles Oracle Deck – Beltane 2024 weekend only!}

🤭 meme dump: Beltane vibes

📓 journal prompts for embodying the wisdom of Beltane

🤫 my favorite ritual to embrace the start of Summertime {not everyone’s gonna like this one…}

🌶️ Hot take: Beltane 2024 isn’t on May 1st 😳

while part of me loves that Earth-centric holy-days (like Easter, May Day, Halloween etc…) have made it onto modern Gregorian calendars

the other part of me gives it major side-eye because these are SOLAR holy-days…

so by sticking them on a static date every year, it continues to disconnect us from its true purpose.

the true meaning of our Wheel of the Year holy days is to sync us into deeper understanding and connection to the rhythms of the Earth and our star, the Sun.

Beltane is the celebration of the mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice — landing at 15* of Taurus.

and this year, that happens on May 4 at 8:10 PM ET.

I’m not saying don’t celebrate May Day on May 1st. I think the more we acknowledge and celebrate these holy days, the more we come back into right relationship on this spinning rock we call home 🌍

I think this actually gives us even more reason, and more time, to slow down our lives and extend our celebrations.

so if you celebrated May Day/Beltane on May 1st — hurray! now celebrate it on May 4th! all weekend! go wild! {this is particularly appropro for this holy day — as it’s a raucous fire celebration all about sensuality and fertility 😏}

just remember why we are bringing attention to this day of the year — it’s honoring the progression of the light, our relationship to the Sun, and the ever-shifting movement of the seasons.

Not just some static date on the human-made calendar.

#endrant 😝

{more on how Beltane is actually the start of Summertime down below 😉}

🃏 oracle card pull for Beltane


pick one before you scroll down to see what its message is…

Beltane Oracle Card Reading

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Beltane Oracle Card Reading


Tap into your creative power, ask yourself what you desire to be feeling in this moment, and consider what could support you in making that your reality…

✍️ prompt: How would it feel to know I can fully trust my physical body?


This is a moment to relax into the expansiveness of what already is. There has been an outpouring of “doing” lately, and now you can feel the magnetism that radiates around you, reflecting all that you have called in & cultivated.

✍️ prompt: What everyday blessings am I grateful for?


In a world that encourages sameness for safety at the expense of individuality, this is your sacred call to cast aside that narrative. Do so for the sake of your soul’s path. The Wild One asks you to choose freedom. A freedom found in being forthright with declaring who you are in the highest expression of yourself

✍️ prompt: What do I need to release to more fully embrace my truest self?


You are being called to reflect on previous life adventures that perhaps you had hoped would be joyous but turned out to be less fulfilling than expected.If you could go back and guide your younger self, what might it have looked like? Now is your opportunity to gift yourself that alternative, whether through ceremony or gentle contemplation.

✍️ prompt: What do I remember about the experience & feelings surrounding my first bleed?

🤭 meme dump: Beltane vibes

📓 journal prompts for embodying the wisdom of Beltane

traditionally, when we honor Beltane, we are acknowledging the entrance into the Season of Light, where the scales have tipped towards more daylight than darkness. this is seen as a time of growing fertility {where Imbolc was the time of conception, the sowing of the seed} Beltane honors the life that blooms in response to the increasing light.

Here are a few journal prompts to help you connect with the Cross-Quarter Day wisdom of Beltane:

🌷 What creative urge is blooming inside me and asking to be shared?

🌷 What seeds did I plant at the beginning of the year that I am starting to see take root?

🌷 How does my relationship with my body interact with my relationship with pleasure?

🌷 When I consider the word fertility, what does it mean to me? What is my relationship to it?

🌷 How does the element of FIRE show up in my life? Where can I cultivate it more? Where do I need to tend it so it does not scorch?

🤫 my favorite ritual to embrace the start of Summertime

First off — YES! Beltane is the start of Summertime! How exciting is that?!

In my practice, the Quarter Days (Solstices & Equinoxes) mark the height of a season’s expression. So… Spring Equinox is the peak of spring, Summer Solstice the peak of Summer etc…

Which means the Cross Quarter Days are the beginning of that season, as it builds towards the peak.


Obviously, this calls for big celebration and big rituals… Here’s my fave and why I’m very thankful that I have the house to myself this weekend 🤭

1️⃣ make a cup of tea {Inner Summer would be absolutely 💋chefs kiss💋 for this}

2️⃣ get n@ked

3️⃣ find sunshine

4️⃣ bask in the warmth and give thanks for our beloved star ☀️

seriously though… I know this isn’t accessible for everyone, BUT, if you can lay n@ked outside on the grass on Beltane, I swear the fae will dance and sing, and you’ll feel the magic, and your heart will hum and OMG IT’S JUST THE BEST

other, slightly-more accessible rituals for those forgoing nüdity 🙃

🕯️ light a candle at sunrise and sunset

🔥 gather with community around a bonfire

💐 weave a flower crown or craft a bouquet with any early-season blooms

🌳 find a hawthorn tree and learn more about this powerful tree ally connected with Beltane

🧚 make an offering to the faeries, elements, and woodland spirits with food, song, or drink

🌱 depending on where you live, it might be time to sow your seedlings in the ground! {be sure to check almanacs and local farming guides to make sure though}

Alright, beloved Earth-reverent, grateful-for-our-Sun, cyclical-living magic makers. Thank you for being with me and embracing the magic of this sweet holy day.

Personally, I have a short three weeks left down south before I hit the road north once again to return to New England for the summertime.

I am dreaming and scheming on some in person gathering opportunities for those in the Upper Valley area of NH and VT… So please keep an eye out for that — would love get to circle up with you IRL 🥰

Beaming you with loads of Big Love,

all ways always ♥️

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