How to work with Flower Essences

Flower Essences… where do I even begin with these magical concoctions?

I could wax-poetic about for ages about how Flower Essences were my “gateway drug” into the realms of herbalism and plant magic, but I’ll spare you… for now 😉

So let’s jump to it — what are Flower Essences? How do Flower Essences work exactly?

I describe them first and foremost as an energetic healing modality. A gentle way of working with the wisdom of plants without ingesting any actual plant material.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into an incredibly vibrant garden? Or pause in the middle of a woodland walk? That sense that the plants around you are somehow… vibrating?

Well, they are.

Plants all carry their own energetic signatures. The wisdom that they have cultivated as beings over millennia of learning to adapt and change with their environments is encoded in their structure and their vibrational essence.

This is what they share with us when transmuted through Flower Essences.

Flower Essences are subtle. They ask you to get quiet. They require you to slow down and get deeply acquainted with your own physical experience in order to really feel their effects.

How to Use Flower Essences

The My Inner Seasons Flower Essences are designed to be used with the Inner Seasons Tea Set, and have been stabilized using glycerine and alcohol. The Flower Essences should be consumed within one year.

Only 2 – 3 drops of Essences are needed at a time. There are many ways of using and interacting with the Flower Essences, here are just a few:

👅 Drop them right on your tongue!

☕️ Add the Flower Essence to your Inner Seasons teas throughout the month

🥤 Drop the Essences into your water bottle for the day

🧴 Incorporate the drops into your body or facial lotion and gently massage them into your skin

🌸 Add them to an essential oil diffuser or fragrance mist bottle to spray around your room, workspace or home to infuse the energy into your surroundings.

I really encourage folks to allow for a few moments of quiet and connection with the Flower Essences when they first experience the blend, and at the beginning of each new phase. Whether that means sitting in meditation, a peaceful moment with your cup of tea, or whatever your own mindfulness practice looks like — just give yourself a few moments to envision the Flower you are working with as you interact with the Essence.

There are four plant energies working together in the Inner Seasons Flower Essence:

🌸 Passionflower: Inner Spring + Follicular Phase

Keywords: Renew — Springtime — Planting Seeds

“Feel the life stirring inside the blood, bones, and womb once again, now that winter has passed and the Wheel turns to spring. Here with me you gently reawaken and begin to acknowledge the wanting, the craving for life & light that is beginning to build inside you once again.

My appearance can be alarming to some, an unexpected and not-of-this-Earth form – let this be a signature for you of the time you are in: you have come back into this world, but are not yet quite fully of it again. What ideas, hopes, dreams showed themselves to you in the darkness of winter, that may seem out-of-this-world, but create a sense of peace and right-ness in your body?

Begin to set your gaze upon the image of your dreams – the bullseye-like center of my Flower just might help you focus in – draw your awareness to these desires with a softness, knowing that all timing is good timing.” ~ Passionflower

🌸 Mexican Sunflower: Inner Summer + Ovulatory Phase

Keywords: Reveal — Summertime — Blooming

“Be LIGHT – the light. Shining forth to illuminate others because you have chosen to let yourself glow. See how you magnetize all you need towards you, like the butterfly to the flower, all is drawn towards you in your full radiance and softness.

No thorns needed here – just like my velvet stems are a reminder to stay in your softness, there is no need to keep out all that you are intentionally drawing towards you, and no need to force that which wants you in the way you want it. The gifts of the Universe want to be received by you. Stand tall & proud – filled with light, being light, reflecting light. Be Bold. Be Seen. Be Truth.” ~ Mexican Sunflower

🌸 Willow Tree: Inner Autumn + Luteal Phase

Keywords: Refine — Autumn time — Harvesting

“Whisper in the wind – the emotions that feel ungrounded and uncertain. Speak them out even as they twist, perhaps gnarled and indirect, so they can flow out, flow down, back to Mother Earth for her to compost and do with as she will. In me you will find shelter, when those waves of emotion are bent on confusion and overwhelm.

Tuck in among the embrace of my canopy, this safe space where all is welcome but needs no name, no explanation or definition of what it is that is arising. This tendency towards squashing the emotional flow of what feels like it is unwelcome – this denial of truth – it builds stagnancy, cutting you off from the larger flow of life that wants to move with and through you.

Instead let the breeze, the wind, the hurricane of your emotional landscape blow through, knowing how steady your roots extend out to keep you upright. How in your choice to be flexible in these moments, there lies the secret to bend but not break when these deep-felt experiences of being human course through your heartspace.

Turn to me to find the grace and steadiness to let these feelings run their course, just as the wind & waters are allowed to run unimpeded and without judgment, knowing the flow of life is close at hand.” ~ Willow Tree

🌸 Motherwort: Inner Winter + Menstrual Phase

Keywords: Rest — Wintertime — Composting

“Empty out in order to be filled – know the void, remembering these words:

“To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.

To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,

and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,

and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.” – Wendell Berry

Being human is the experience of the spectrum. When you glorify and only see value in the time of light, the Full Moon, your humanness is diminished. The magic of this flesh and blood experience is to know both sides – so stay with me, be here in the dark for the full experience of this phase.

In doing so you may find expansion, spaciousness beyond what you thought possible. This time cannot be rushed; like all phases and turns of the Wheel, it must be given due placement and honor. Do not be afraid of the shapeshifting, of the way you change and grow. See the wisdom of each phase, the linking of each cycle, the ancient knowledge of the seasons.

Be brave dear one, for the dark is not for the faint of heart, but here in the dark is where Spirit awaits, with a ready ear to hear your dreams. ‘Intention through Intuition’ is my way of magic when you follow me into the dark.” 

To sum it up, here’s the nitty gritty, [TLDR]:

  • Flower Essences are a vibrational healing modality. There are no physical plant parts in the Essences.
  • Garden of the Moon Flower Essences are stabilized in glycerine and alcohol.
  • Essences should be consumed within 12 months of purchase.
  • 2 – 3 drops of Essences daily — dropped directly on your tongue, drank in tea or water, mixed into body lotion or facial oils, added to scented oil diffusers or room sprays
  • The combined Flower Essences in the Inner Seasons blend bring a synergistic energetic lesson to support your entire fertility cycle through all four phases:
    • Passionflower: Inner Spring (Follicular) — Renew
    • Mexican Sunflower: Inner Summer (Ovulatory) — Reveal
    • Willow Tree: Inner Autumn (Luteal) — Refine
    • Motherwort: Inner Winter (Menstruation) — Rest

What I have found is that each of the plants seems to step forward at their time in the spotlight (their corresponding phase within your cycle). They work much like a symphony — each has a role in the creation of the musical masterpiece that is your complete cycle.

Like I said, I could go on for ages about the magic of Flower Essences — it’s truly thanks to the Essences that I found my way (back) to the world of plants. So much of my own healing has been through the portal of Flower Essences.

And it’s my hope that this experience with Flower Essences supports you deeply in your Cyclical journey as you learn to understand your phases more deeply and come to love each of your inner seasons.

If you have any questions about the Flower Essences, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Instagram or shoot me an email: hello [@]

Big Love & so many blessings to you!

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