Lunar Ritual Divination Set



Amplify the magic and ceremony of your lunar rituals with this Lunar Ritual Divination Set. SAVE $5 WHEN YOU BUY THE SET

The Lunar Ritual Divination Set includes:

🌚 New Moon Ritual Tea — large container (16 – 20 servings): a subtle, floral tea that brews a deep dark purple in honor of this phase of darkness and going inwards. Ingredients: Lemon balm, Butterfly pea flower, Rose petal, Linden

🌝 Full Moon Ritual Tea — large container (16 – 20 servings): a bright & vibrant, sweetly pungent tea that brews a sunshine-yellow in honor of the energy of culmination & illumination. Ingredients: ​​Damiana, Lavender, Calendula, Licorice root, Turmeric, Ginger

🃏 The Sacred Cycles Oracle Deck — a 50-card oracle deck with a guidebook designed to help deepen your relationship with your body’s wisdom, the Moon’s phases, and the rhythms of Earth’s Sacred Cycles. Pick a card a day to become inspired and devote time to learning each card, or pull a spread for insights on what you are experiencing in the present moment. Place specific cards on your altar space during each phase of the Moon or menstrual cycle to honor the shifts that are taking place. Use this deck in a way that serves you the best and embraces all of your sacred cycles.


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