Spring Equinox Musings & a Call for Courage

Spring Equinox Musings blog post

The Wheel of the Year ticks ahead once again as we welcome in the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. Often said to be the “start of springtime,” here at Garden of the Moon we know this isn’t quite right. With Imbolc the planting of the springtime seed, the Vernal Equinox instead marks the height…

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the full moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

As the Full Moon in Libra blooms during Aries season, the balance between the “me” and the “we” emerges for observation. Aries is individualism at its core — it’s the inquiry of “who am I?” and acts according to this understanding. Libra is partnership at its core — it’s the inquiry of “who are we,…

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