the full moon in Libra

As the Full Moon in Libra blooms during Aries season, the balance between the “me” and the “we” emerges for observation. Aries is individualism at its core — it’s the inquiry of “who am I?” and acts according to this understanding. Libra is partnership at its core — it’s the inquiry of “who are we, together?” (or the quintessential dating question “what are we?”). Libra explores dynamic duos and the agreements that must be in place when one becomes two.

This Full Moon in Libra offers up a decent dose of healing opportunities. Moments before the Moon comes into fullness, Chiron slips into an exact conjunction with the Sun in Aries.

Chiron is an asteroid, sometimes called a “minor planet,” known archetypally as “the Wounded Healer.” The story goes that Chiron, a centaur, was well-versed in the healing arts and served the Gods of the Greek pantheon. However, even with the abundance of knowledge he possessed, when he became wounded, he was unable to heal himself. So he navigated the world with this wound that never fully healed.

This wound he walked around with, instead of being more baggage and a detriment to his well-being, he found a way to infuse what the wound taught him into what he offered to others through his healing work.

So! Chiron conjunct the Sun. We’ve talked before about what happens when a planet passes through conjunction with the Sun — this is called the “cazimi” where a planet enters “the heart of the Sun,” sort of like stopping at the gas station to fill up its tanks.

The Sun is the life force of the solar system; it infuses energy and the ability to act, especially in Aries. Aries itself also represents the archetype of initiating life force. It is cardinal Fire, the spark of the ignition, the seed the cracks for the sprout to grow. With the Sun in Aries, life force is reawakened. Coupled with the wisdom of the Wounded Healer, here we have a moment to gain clarity and a sense of renewal around what hurts.

Just like scar tissue might ache more with the cold and stagnancy of winter and feel more supple and tolerable with warmth and sunshine, our wounds are being infused with heat so that we might experience a new perspective on how they impact our experience. In Aries, there’s new potential for courage to take the lead. No matter how old, frustrating, or “unhealable” our hurts may feel, this Full Moon offers a moment to acknowledge the courage it’s taken to navigate the healing path thus far… AND to continue on the journey.

Lastly, the Moon. When the Sun opposes something, it shines its life force on that lesson. Here we have the Moon in Libra, opposite the Sun, so our ways of relating become illuminated.

There’s a sense that within this current astrology, with Chiron so tightly woven into the wonder of the moment, there lies a reminder that our hurts (alongside the way we ourselves enact hurt) are so often manifested within the dynamic of relating.

While at the same time…

They are also so often healed — or new levels of understanding are traversed — within relationships as well.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Journaling prompts for the full moon in Libra:

🐏 Find Aries in your birthchart (the glyph looks like ♈️) — which House does it occupy? What wounds are you aware of in this area of your life? How are you perhaps developing a new perspective or relationship with these hurts?

⚖️ Find Libra in your birthchart (the glyph looks like ♎️) — which House does it occupy? What is being illuminated in your 1:1 dynamics within this area of life? How is your healing being impacted by these relationships?

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