Garden of the Moon’s hand-blended herbal teas are made with organic herbs, designed to guide women in embodying your Inner Seasons, nourish your unique female fertility, and connect you back to the energy of the Earth. We work with only the highest quality herbal blends to support women through every stage of your monthly moon cycle.

The Sacred Cycles Luxe Ritual Set

The Sacred Cycles Luxe Ritual Set is a potent set of ritual tools — teas, oracle cards, and a journal — to support you as you reawaken your connection to your inner cycles, seasons, and phases.

This bundle of goodies includes: 📦 The Inner Seasons Tea Set + 🃏 The Sacred Cycles Oracle Deck + 📓 The Sacred Cycles Journal:

Inner Seasons Luxe Ritual Set

what women are saying about the Inner Seasons Tea Set...

Kyla S. Testimonial

This month’s moon cycle was beautiful because of the Inner Seasons Tea Set! I had zero PMS symptoms (no cramping, no tenderness, no mood swings—nothing). It arrived with ease and peace. Because of these teas, it gave me hope to be able to truly create change with my work schedule and my moon cycle and recognize that it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and challenging. I’m excited to share this with many friends and to keep sipping on these delicious teas!

Kyla S.


I had no idea that honoring [my cycle] during the entire month with the teas and flower essences would make a difference, but it really did! I just felt so supported and began looking forward to the changing energy levels and moods as opposed to resisting them.

I have been recommending this to all my friends with a cycle who want to embrace more self-care, healing and ritual in their lives. Love it!

Marissa B.


I am loving the tea set… Aside from tasting deeelicious, I feel like I’m just more aware of my phases. I feel as though thinking about my cycle as a month-long process (rather than one week) is so much healthier, realistic, and truthful... I cannot even begin to express the mindset shift that thinking in phases has caused.

The tea and flower essences are awesome. The mindset is life-changing! Thank you for sharing this!

Aaron T.

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