the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio (+ Solar Beltane)

Before we get to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, let’s talk Beltane first, as I feel this Cross-Quarter day plays a role in the wisdom of the Lunar Eclipse astrology.

You’ve probably heard of “May Day” on May 1st as the modern recognition of the old Pagan fire celebration of Beltane. Buuuut… I would argue this date is quite incorrect!

May Day was chosen as a fixed date on the Gregorian calendar, when Beltane is actually a solar holiday based on the movement of the Sun. Originally celebrated as the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice – that middle point would be 15* Taurus.

But the Sun hitting 15* Taurus doesn’t always (actually rarely) happens on May 1st!

This year, the Sun reaching 15* Taurus occurs on Friday, May 5th… the same day as the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 🙃

Fancy that, huh?

Beltane is a fire festival, meaning it honors the return of the light. I’ve shared previously about how I personally see the Cross-Quarter days as the start of a season — where some would say that the Summer Solstice is the beginning of summer, I see that as the peak of the season. And so instead… Beltane represents the start of summer!

As this day to honor the ever-increasing light coincides with the mysterious disappearance of our nighttime luminary with the Lunar Eclipse, you can sense this push-pull, perhaps sense of confusion or unease around forward motion. Yes, we are experiencing the rebirth of the seasons. Yes, we are seeing the days grow longer. But/and/also… we still have so much to integrate amidst the Eclipses.

Couple this with the Sun in a loose conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, there’s an impending sense of something’s getting ready to shake up and shake out.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is the last Scorpio Eclipse in this series featuring the North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio. Here we see a storyline coming to completion. While the series will not officially cap off until this fall with the final Eclipse in Taurus, this is the last one for a couple decades featuring the South Node in Scorpio.

The South Node speaks to releasing. It’s known as the “Dragon’s Tail” — what lies behind us, what might be carried as baggage. Eclipses on the South Node can be upsetting, as things seem to disappear or fall apart before our eyes. These can be intense lessons in letting go; an education in making space.

One of my favorite parts of journeying with the Eclipses is witnessing the unfolding of the story. If you’re a journal/diary keeper (or just have a really good memory), track back through your entries or calendar and review what was happening around the prior Eclipses. Do you notice themes that reappeared around each Eclipse?

Here are the dates for the Taurus – Scorpio Eclipses:

November 19, 2021 (3:57 PM ET): Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30, 2022 (4:27 PM ET): Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 16, 2022 (12:14 AM ET): Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 25, 2022 (6:48 AM ET): Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

November 8, 2022 (6:02 AM ET): Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

May 5, 2023 (12:24 PM ET) Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 28, 2023 (3:15 ET) Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

One last note about the astrology around the Lunar Eclipse: Venus and Jupiter form an exact sextile the day of Beltane and the Eclipse. These two planets are known as the “benefics” of the solar system — meaning they bestow blessings. As they team up in a supportive sextile, there’s a sense that even if things seem rocky, or uncertain, or like “yet another thing didn’t go as planned,” these two want to remind us that there’s still sweetness to be found. In fact, it might surprise you how apparent disappointments were actually making way for untold magic to emerge.

P.S. We’re still dancing with Mercury Retrograde, and Pluto just began its backward two-step as well… so yea, there’s that too 🥸

P.P.S Want more on lunar eclipse astrology and understanding how the lunar nodes impact your natal chart? Check out this other blog post I wrote.

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Journaling prompts for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

🔥 Honoring Beltane… What fire is being lit for you? Where are you feeling inspiration or a spark of hope that may have felt dormant in the cold winter months past?

🌒 Scorpio – Taurus Eclipse review: check the dates of the Eclipses listed above, especially those featuring Scorpio. Were there any events, interactions, or relationships that kept reappearing around those dates? Is there a theme of how you felt or experienced those times that feel like some sort of “lesson” that you had to experience multiple times to really “get it?” What was “it?” Hint: check which House Scorpio rules in your birth chart (glyph looks like ♏️) for some possible clues about the “curriculum” you’ve been working through these Eclipses!

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