the Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo

Dropping in at 7:40 AM ET on Tuesday March 7th, the Full Moon in Virgo has some big astro-shift sensations happening alongside it.

March 2023 has been catching astrologers’ eyes for a minute here as a moment in time that stands out with billboard-like flamboyance to grab our attention. Besides the Full Moon in Virgo, we’ll also get to witness Saturn shifting into a brand new sign this week — something that only happens every 2.5 – 3ish years. This is a big moment initiating us into an entirely new curriculum led by Saturn’s newly adapted Piscean vibes.

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Working with Eclipses & the Lunar Nodes

Working with Eclipses & the Lunar Nodes - blog

Eclipse portals are like a storybook: there’s an initiation that begins the journey, a middle point, and then the story closes, helping us to reconcile the primary lesson that was offered up through the experience.

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